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About us

Tony Darbyshire, principle trainer, started his career in Arboriculture training in 1987 at the world renown Merrist Wood, Surrey. Leaving for a spell in Australia before becoming Short Course Co-ordinator at Sparsholt College, Hampshire. Sawpod Ltd was set up in 2005 by Tony and Di Darbyshire as an independent training company.


The Sawpod was born as a project which started with Tony strapping his pruning saw to his leg with insulation tape, Di used her Graphic Design background to bring the product to market. The Sawpod is now made in Cornwall, we are still working with our original neoprene supplier. The first Sawpod's were made from wetsuit offcuts! Now on sale and used around the world, it has many fans and has become an essential part of the Arborists kit!


The Throwpod was designed in 2013 as a joint venture between Tony and Marcus Nicholson (Arborpride - Sydney, Australia). Again, the Throwpod is manufactured in the UK by a British company. Another innovative project, designed to make the Arb's job a little easier, a lead free aerodynamic throw weight.

Our latest addition to the range is The Spikepod, the original idea from Tony being taken by Charlie and Di Darbyshire and developed into another gadget to make life in the tree that little bit easier. A pair of ratchet fastenings for your climbing irons/spikes - making them simple to adjust - again made in the UK by a British craftsman. 


All our packaging is recyclable and we continue to support the Orangutan's in Sumatra with a donation from each Sawpod sold.



Tree Surgeons Climbing Oragutan Kit Bag

Available to buy our bespoke Orangutan kit bags made by Silverbull for our trip to Sumatra in 2015

Click the photo for more


SAWPOD LIMITED Registered Office:  5, Sarson Close, Amport, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 8AB. ENGLAND
Registered in England No.6298941  VAT Reg no: 948 7815 63

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