The Sawpod -

Designed by Arborists for Arborists





Our unique leg strap makes your pruning saw more easily accessible as wearing it on the leg means it is always within reach - unlike the harness position! With anti-twist buckles & neoprene cushioning for comfort. 

It fits most makes of pruning saw, straight or curved, for both right and left handed users, for use in the tree or on the ground.

It uses the pressure of the elasticated leg straps on the grippy logo to hold the saw in place. Check out where you can buy it on our stockists page and what people make of it under testimonials. The Sawpod is sold globally and has changed the way people wear their pruning saws and has encouraged saw makers to put loops on their scabbards to fit!

And the best bit is that 10p from every Sawpod sold goes to these guys:

Sawpod Pruning Saw Holder


"The unique pruning saw holder is revolutionising the way tree surgeons are attaching their pruning saws!"

Arbor Culture News - April 2009

"The Sawpod, an invaluable tool for those who prefer their pruning saws attached to the leg rather than a harness..."

Review of the 8th Arborists Trade Fair- Cirencester

Total Arb - August 2006

"Once I got used to having the saw on my leg I never looked back. It took some getting used to I can't stand having a handsaw scabbard dangling around."​​

The Buzzboard - - August 2010 

"Best 30 bucks I have invested - Reviewer: Cary Gibson
Before buying this, I carried my Silky's on the belt of my harness. This worked okay, but I always had to be careful putting it back as to not nick my lines. the last straw was when my Zubat fell out and into my rope bag below, luckily it landed teeth-up and no damage was done! I would hate for this to fall on my groundman by accident.

The sawpod is AMAZING, it securely holds my saws in place in their stock scabbards. It is easy to adjust and holds fast, I can hang upside down and it won't budge until I take it out. Being on my leg it is always in easy reach and out of the way of my lifeline. All of this in a simple, elegant design. Get one! it will be the best 30 bucks you invest in your company." - 10/09/2009

"...they are brilliant I couldn't recommend them enough. Having the saw easily reachable on your leg is great. I hated having to reach round to put it away when in awkward positions. The saw slips into the Sawpod in it's original scabbard and is held in place by pressure when you do up the leg straps."

The Buzzboard -  August 2006

"Kit suppliers in the UK are importing new ideas to improve safety and comfort... For many years, the belt has been the popular place to fix scabbards containing hand saws. Others attach it to their harness and some climbers use insulation tape to strap the scabbard to their leg. But now there is another way: ...the Sawpod pruning saw leg strap. The list of stockists is growing & includes major arb kit suppliers.."

Horticulture Week - July 2006

"We were climbing at the Christchurch regionals a week ago and noticed that virtually all the top 20 climbers had Sawpods on! Congrats on a damn good idea!"

Drew Bristow - New Zealand Tree Climbing Champ!​

 "Sometimes its the little things that makes your life as climber that bit easier, the Sawpod is definitely one little thing that makes working in the tree that bit easier." - October 2007

"I won one of these in the Christmas raffle and only got round to using it a couple of weeks ago. Tbh I thought it looked a bit too posey and poncy for my liking but none the less I decided to give it a try and what a brilliant bit of kit to have, no more fumblin' for the scabbard on the side of your harness. I even wore it over spikes yesterday and I can honestly say I will never climb again without one and many thanks to whoever donated it as I doubt I would have bought one and never have realised the benefits."


"I got a Sawpod in my Christmas stocking, it is SO GOOD!"

Andrew Skeet