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The new planet friendly Sawpod 

Designed by Arborists for Arborists





Our new Sawpod is made from rubber sponge, a renewable raw material produced using sugar cane, seashells, natural rubber & non-edible plant oil, laminated in recycled polyester.


The unique leg strap makes your pruning saw more easily accessible - it is always within reach (unlike the harness position!)

It fits most makes of pruning saw, straight or curved, for both right and left handed users, for use in the tree or on the ground.


Check out where you can buy it on our stockists page and what people make of it below.


The Sawpod is sold globally and has changed the way people wear their pruning saws and has encouraged saw makers to put loops on their scabbards to fit!

The Sawpod is made in Cornwall here in the UK by the factory that we first worked with 17 years ago!

And the best bit is that 10p from every Sawpod sold goes to these guys:

IMG_9492 copy_edited.jpg


"Once I got used to having the saw on my leg I never looked back. It took some getting used to I can't stand having a handsaw scabbard dangling around."​​


The Buzzboard - 

"Best 30 bucks I have invested - Reviewer: Cary Gibson
Before buying this, I carried my Silky's on the belt of my harness. This worked okay, but I always had to be careful putting it back as to not nick my lines. the last straw was when my Zubat fell out and into my rope bag below, luckily it landed teeth-up and no damage was done! I would hate for this to fall on my groundman by accident.
The sawpod is AMAZING, it securely holds my saws in place in their stock scabbards. It is easy to adjust and holds fast, I can hang upside down and it won't budge until I take it out. Being on my leg it is always in easy reach and out of the way of my lifeline. All of this in a simple, elegant design. Get one! it will be the best 30 bucks you invest in your company."

"This is a product that seems to have two decisive camps of opinion, possibly more than any other product I can think of and has raised much discussion between staff and colleagues.
One opinion is that it’s a gimmick and is better suited to a toy set*

My opinion is different.*
For years I subscribed to the aforementioned, however, after being bullied into using one I was converted.
Reasons for using one:
1. The saw is easily within reach, always, and is never turned around by wind or work position.
2. It’s easy to replace the saw without looking.
3. It does not get caught on things as much as one would expect.
4. The price is excellent.
5: It appears to work with any length of saw, straight or curved blade.
6. Being able to return the saw to the scabbard so swiftly and easily certainly improves safety.

Reasons for not using one:
1: I honestly can’t think of any.*

A superbly simple piece of kit that makes climbing all sizes of trees much easier.
Well worth every penny."

Alastair Wolski (Arb Reviews)

"We were climbing at the Christchurch regionals a week ago and noticed that virtually all the top 20 climbers had Sawpods on! Congrats on a damn good idea!"


Drew Bristow - New Zealand Tree Climbing Champ!​

 "Sometimes its the little things that makes your life as climber that bit easier, the Sawpod is definitely one little thing that makes working in the tree that bit easier." 

"Makes a day in the trees 100% will want to wear your saw all night long. Just remember to take it off before you go into the bank."

lightduncan (

"I got a Sawpod in my Christmas stocking, it is SO GOOD!"


Andrew Skeet 



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