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CS31 Chainsaw Training
Chainsaw Tree Felling
Log Stack from tree felling
Rose pleased with her tree felling!

"I have recently completed 9 courses with Sawpod after leaving the military and throughout the whole process I have found them to be friendly, highly professional, helpful and supportive in my learning.
The training that Tony provides is very well taught and explained. The passion and support he expresses when teaching is truly infectious.
Di is the behind the scenes hero, who goes above and beyond all expectations with bookings, support and general help in any way she possibly can, to put this into some sort of perspective if were not for the help and support from Di i could quite possibly have left the military with no qualifications and no job, and she gives this level of commitment to every student that undertakes training with them no matter there background.
Anyone wanting to or thinking of going into Tree surgery, Forestry or Arb work this is the company to train with".

James Harris

"Just a few lines to thank you again for such a fantastic course and the vast amount of knowledge you shared with us.............

Now l can't wait to get into the woodlands at work and practice more of the cuts you showed me while doing some necessary thinning out there. You have inspired me to become the best that l am capable of being with a chainsaw. Many many thanks"

John Rowlands

"Having served with the Army for quite a few years now I want to say how good your course was. This was obviously due (whilst blowing smoke up Tony's ..........) to the instructors knowledge, enthusiasm, experience and professionalism. All students where taught and cared for, irrespective of ability, backround or perspective."

Gilbert Wheeler


"Thank you for being a brilliant instructor who communicates information and experience in an enthusiastic, gripping and fun way which only fuels candidates with the enthusiasm to learn"  

Kevin Berry


"I cannot praise Tony Darbyshire more highly: he was a fantastic tutor and his enthusiasm and knowledge was greatly appreciated."  

Tom Runton

"It was so nice to see you and I am pleased that I have passed the assessment. Not only passing the assessment, I totally enjoyed all training given by you and all very useful. Plus thanks so much treated me so nicely. I do not know what to say, really. Since I came back to Kew, I keep climbing trees and I think I feel improving myself a lot. Yesterday I have ordered full (basic) climbing kit and cannot wait it to be delivered"

Masaya Tatebayashi

If I could 10 stars to this company I would, Tony and his wife are both fantastic, Diana will work hard to sort any admin out and try to make sure you're ready and know exactly what is going on for the course, whilst Tony's teaching is just fantastic he is a barrel of laughs whilst being extremely knowledgeable. Able to teach in multiple ways for those that struggle to get it in one way, he breaks down every technique and gives thorough descriptions on how and why you use them techniques, he has patience and doesn't get upset if people struggle to pick things up straight away.
I did all of Tony's courses with my resettlement from leaving the Royal Marines and 2 years down the line I am a lead climber at a reputable company earning the big bucks as a freelancer in the process of setting my own company up.
This has all happened because of Tony's amazing courses, you don't just get a ticket covering the basics with Tony, the first course I did he said "I want to teach arborists, not just tree surgeons"
He takes time throughout his course to drip feed you arborist knowledge about trees and fungus, fantastic climbing techniques and lets you have a go with lots of different bits of kit.
So I hope this review helps and I will be recommending anyone to his courses.


"I'd bought a very run down house and overgrown piece of land in Italy. Once I'd weighed up the hourly rates I'd need to pay someone to help clear the land and the cost of a chainsaw, it was obvious which way to go...but only if I knew how to use the thing, of course. After doing a bit of research on the net, I came across Tony and Di's site. Once I started corresponding with Di I knew I was on the right track. She answered my many questions with patience, professionalism and a good sense of humour. All things which are really important to me.

After describing my needs, she suggested I enrol for chainsaw maintenance, cross-cutting and felling small trees. I was slightly apprehensive as I was coming to the course as a complete novice, a woman and a touch on the old side! None of this mattered in the slightest. Tony is an exceptional teacher, whose faith in all of us as students (somewhat misguided in my case at times I have to say!) meant we were always, without a doubt, in the best place to learn how to use the chainsaw safely. On a personal note I don't think I have laughed so much yet learnt so much at the same time. Added to which I have benefited from both courses already.  Di and Tony run their business with a dedication and passion that is hard to find these days. I cannot recommend their courses highly enough."

Rose Stockwell

"Outstanding value and quality. The teaching, administration and support provided by Sawpod was first rate from start to finish. Tony Darbyshire's teaching style is professional, adaptable and inspires. He is up there with the very best of instructors I have encountered during 25 years of service and has a reputation across the tree surgery industry for excellence. Highly recommended to other service leavers who aspire to enter the Arboriculture sector."

Wing Commander Shaun Mclaughlin (retired)


"Just a note to say thank you so much for putting me through the CS39 training last week...I'm pleased I made a point of asking to be trained by you and I'm glad that I 've been fortunate enough to have Sawpod training for all my units. I think Tony is a great trainer and I appreciate all the help to make me a better arborist." 

Scarlett English RHS Wisley

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